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Example Uses

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Client Emails

Please draft an email to clients explaining the importance of quarterly tax payments

Video Scripts

I’m creating an educational video on the topic of navigating tax deductions for self-employed individuals. Could you provide a detailed script outline that covers the key deductions to consider, how to document them properly, and tips for maximizing tax savings for the 2023 tax year?

Include descriptions of images that should be used for each scene


I have a client who is considering a significant investment in a Qualified Opportunity Zone. They are looking for a comprehensive analysis of the potential tax benefits and implications of such an investment, including deferral and exclusion of capital gains, as well as any risks or limitations associated with the Opportunity Zone program for the tax year 2023. Can you provide this analysis?

Pros and Cons

I’m considering converting my sole proprietorship into an S Corporation for the 2023 tax year. Can you provide a list of pros and cons for this business structure change, specifically focusing on the tax implications and how it might affect my personal liability?

Links to Resources

Provide a list of links and resources to gain a thorough understanding of 1031 exchanges

Calculations or Numerical Examples

A freelance graphic designer has net earnings of $80,000 from self-employment in the 2023 tax year. Calculate the self-employment tax owed and explain the steps involved in the calculation.

Flowchart or Diagrams

Design a flowchart that outlines the process for a taxpayer to determine whether they need to make estimated tax payments for the 2023 tax year. The flowchart should start with the taxpayer’s income type and guide them through various criteria such as adjusted gross income, tax liability from the previous year, and current year’s withholding and credits. Include decision points that help the taxpayer assess if they are required to pay estimated taxes and the deadlines for each quarterly payment


Create a comprehensive checklist of documents and information required for individual taxpayers to prepare and file their 2023 federal income tax return.


Develop a table outlining the key changes to tax deductions and credits for the 2023 tax year, including the new thresholds, phase-out ranges, and any relevant updates to tax legislation that may affect individual taxpayers

Step-by-Step Guides

Create a step-by-step guideline for tax accountants to assist their clients in determining eligibility and calculating the Home Office Deduction using the Simplified Method for the 2023 tax year. Include steps for measuring the home office space, identifying qualifying expenses, and completing the relevant sections of IRS Form 8829 or Schedule C.

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